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All items especially k-pop albums on our site are available only through PRE-ORDER unless categorized under ONHAND / ARRIVING GOODS. Collectibles such as Cards and Posters or other items with actual picture (EXCEPT albums / lightsticks / some items) are already onhand and ready for shipping. 
Be sure to read first our (click this) TERMS AND CONDITIONS and our (click this) ABOUT US. And please read our FAQS effective starting Oct 1, 2016.
  1. Create an account / Login with an existing store account
  2. Shop and add the item/s on your cart. You can put more than 1 item on your cart.
  3. If you already done shopping and want to place an order, click CHECK OUT. Be sure you can settle the payment following our batch schedule posted on the homepage of our website if it's pre-order while you only have 1 day if it's onhand item.
  4. Read carefully and follow instructions
  5. Fill up the necessary blanks so that the next time you order, it will be automatically be filled. Double check if all the information are correct. Incomplete address will not be prioritize. Do not shorten your address details because this is very important. Please put the the municipality after your city address. (Calamba, Laguna)
  6. Continue with shipping method
  7. Shipping fee posted are all estimates but please choose the appropriate shipping fees. Lightsticks will be ship separately. If the actual shipping fee is higher than the estimate shipping fee, we will ask you to pay first for the full amount before we ship your items. It is much better to pay higher amount because we will return the excess payment by turning it over on your next order or we will transfer it to your bank account (if higher than Php500)
  8. Continue to payment method. Default choice is "Bank Deposit" but you can still pay through the following methods:
    Bank of the Philippine Island / Banco De Oro / LBC Branch Pick Up / Palawan Express
  9. If you are 200% sure that you can settle the payment within the specific period and if you FULLY UNDERSTOOD our  (please READ THIS FIRST) --> TERMS AND CONDITION then click "Complete Order"
  10. An order confirmation will be automatically sent through email along with payment details upon checking out of your order.
  11. Reply on the order confirmation email with your facebook link if you are FIRST TIME BUYERS on our site and if we haven't added you on our private shop account. We will only add you after you settle your payment but this does not mean that you need to wait for our friend request or add you before you can settle your payment. Asking for your facebook link will only proves that you are an existing person thus we can somehow process it before you can settle your payment on the said deadline. If you are a new buyer and we're not friends on facebook shop account yet you didn't send us the your fb link, there will be a possibility that we will not process your order and assume it is a fraud order.
  12. Once you have settled the payment, please ATTACH a copy of the deposit slip or screenshot of the transaction (make sure the details on the picture are visible and rotated properly) through the order confirmation email which was sent to you WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING ON THE TITLE. DO NOT DRAG THE PHOTO!! CLICK ATTACH FILE! SEND AS ATTACHMENT. Please.


13.  A payment confirmation will be sent to you if we already noted your payment.

14.  Wait for your item to arrive. Please be guided on which batch you are under.

15.  If your item is ready for meet-up, we will change the status of your order on the GOOGLE DOCS (link provided along the payment confirmation). For now, we are giving sms if the item is ready for meet-up so be sure that your mobile number on the shipping information part on each order number is correct and active. Meetup will be only at GATEWAY Foodcourt or anywhere within the vicinity. Available time is only 11am - 12nn / 2pm - 3pm / 5:30pm - 6:30pm..

16.  If your item is for shipping, we will ship it asap as long as you are fully paid. If you still have remaining balance even if Php10, we will not ship it as long as you settle for the full amount. Tracking number will be sent to your email as well. 

  • Please bring VALID ID when claiming the item through meet-up. NO VALID ID = NO ITEM

Let's be responsible. Thank you. ^_^ If you still have further questions, try to check our FAQs which can be found on the footer of our website.

**GDYB PHILIPPINES has the right to share your information if you made a fraud order.